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 This week I found myself listening to the radio about the various models of trace and track being implemented around the world and wondered if I should be doing more to “trace and track” how my new customers have discovered me.  I’m such a small business that it’s not realistic to invest in a complicated tracking system and I’d hate to dissuade my potential customers with yet another online questionnaire. 

 Increasingly I am surprised, pleasantly I must stress, when an order arrives from a new corner of the world.  This month alone, I’ve shipped off pieces to places as exotic and diverse as Malta, The Netherlands, Austria and  Mexico.   I confess to a frission of excitement as I walk down to the post office knowing that the little parcel in my hand will shortly be wending its way to a far distant corner of the globe.  

 I can’t imagine that the search engines deserve all the credit – I know that you, my wonderful customers, are helping me build my global community by connecting your friends and family to my jewellery.  If you ever feel like sharing how you found out about me, or who recommended you to me, I’d love to hear from you.



For your confidence in me and for sharing your spirit, I thank you.



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